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sigh, well, having played World Of Tanks for well over a year, I can say that F2P works. However, what bothers me is the lack of trust in the SW fanbase. Me, being an avid fan for as long as I remember, feel a tad cheated tbh, since I never gave a second thought to paying for a game/story/environment I enjoy. Now tell me why I should bother paying for Ops/Flashpoints if I already have all the gear? What makes BW/EA think that I'll spend a cent on the game if my "deluxe" edition is the same as a troll that subs just to flame in here how awesome GW2 or WoW is? Wanna make sure that the general chat becomes even more annoying, that the pvp worlds are full of tarded trolls that have no better idea than to grief the proper fanbase? Nice move. Maybe you should have consulted the true fanbase that is keeping this game alive before making a decision.

I understand the business model, but don't expect me to support this distrust in my subscription as a fan. Look at EVE. It survived all these years with only 400k subscribers and won't go away for a long long time to come, and not even once have they announced any F2P option. Because they want to keep the fanbase that keeps the game alive. Instead, you tried to mimic WoW, a stereotypical MMO that has nothing to offer in terms of a storyline, and in failing to achieve that, you drop everything the true fans hoped for, and go for a model that does exactly what to support the paying subscribers?? These true fans were the ones that still stuck around when the majority of your servers were barren. Dissapointed.
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