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I work for Imperial Intelligence. My loyalty is to the Empire. If you want to know why, let me put it simply. A power hungry Sith is easy to manipulate, they all have the same basic wants and lusts. Jedi on the other hand.. self justification and rationalization for the very same acts our Sith commit. Protecting corrupt senate members and holders of office for the "good" of the Republic. Sith are a known quantify you always know where you stand with them. No lies, no self justification, just pure rage and lust for power.

I will work to bring the Republic under Empiric control and for no better reason that to simply bring order and discipline to the Republic and the hypocritical Jedi.

You won't see me, you'll never know I am there. I will spend my days chipping away at that bright and shiny hypocritical ideal you all refer to as the Republic.

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At least until Overlord Bioware walks into the club and shuts it down. So, yeah. Have fun with that!