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07.31.2012 , 04:15 PM | #37
I am 100% for this option, it brings more players to the game who will pay for options they would like to use. I know we will get a lot of Froobs(what Anarchy Online always called the free players), yet that is to be expected. I can see pug groups getting worse if they don't have good armor, so I'm hoping they do something about that, if not, there are bound to be a few cons.

Pro's are more people and the game lasting longer because of it. I will still pay for all 4 accounts(my family plays), since I like to get the most out of any game I play, and want to help pay for future expansions(hehe, if I were rich I'd be investing a lot more since I plan to be in this game until they shut the doors, which I hope doesn't happen for at least a decade).

I know MANY are against this, don't fret...most who run ops, fp's, and even warzone premades ask for people with the proper armor and stats, so anyone without won't be a part of that group anyways. Mind you most of the games that suck and are F2P sucked long BEFORE they went there, and never got better. I personally liked Age of Conan better, and STO(and I'm a lifer there and happy, although I love this game more then any I have played since back in the days of EQ, and almost as much as I loved SWG pre CU/NGE). So be patient if you love the game, in another year we will probably have so much new content it'll drive us mad(unless you play more then you work, eat, or sleep, but then I feel for you:P
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