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I leveled as Combat and while I was able to burst down targets fairly quickly I find Watchmen having to use their OOC heals less. Either one will work well though so it's up to you.

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\From the theorycrafting articles that I've read that is true. Strength gives ~.20 and Power gives ~.23 (both of those are rounded to the nearest .00). As you said, Strength also adds to Critical Chance (linearly instead of logarithmic [diminishing returns], I believe). The even bigger bonus which you didn't mention is that the bonus to strength is "double buffed." With both Force Might and Force Valor, Strength actually provides a larger average damage (which includes critical chance) than Power for any attack with a large damage Coefficient (basically all attacks with the exception of strike). Note: If I find the article again I'll link it.
That's actually great to see, if you do find the link let me know and I'll include it on the post.
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