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Thanks. We've been missing a decent PvE guide.

*Edit*: Also, I don't think anyone is going to razz you about not having a Focus section, since Focus is almost exclusively PvP currently.

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Also as a general rule of thumb, when it comes to augments always stack Strength over Power because while Power does increase damage more-so than Strength the difference is marginal (like .23 > .2 per point from what I've read) and Strength increases Critical chance as well, meaning you have more room on your gear for Power Mods and Enhancements.
From the theorycrafting articles that I've read that is true. Strength gives ~.20 and Power gives ~.23 (both of those are rounded to the nearest .00). As you said, Strength also adds to Critical Chance (linearly instead of logarithmic [diminishing returns], I believe). The even bigger bonus which you didn't mention is that the bonus to strength is "double buffed." With both Force Might and Force Valor, Strength actually provides a larger average damage (which includes critical chance) than Power for any attack with a large damage Coefficient (basically all attacks with the exception of strike). Note: If I find the article again I'll link it.