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12.19.2011 , 10:35 AM | #1

I already found a few holocrons (lvl 26), no big deal.
The thing is... why are they not pyramid shape like ?

The sith holocrons have always been pyramids... here is a list of all pyramids holocrons... not anyone of them are cubs... so why did Bioware change that?

Adas's holocron
Belia Darzu's holocron
Bo Vanda's holocron
Darth Bane's holocron
Darth Drear's holocron
Darth Krayt's holocron
Darth Nihilus's holocron
Darth Phobos's holocron
Darth Ramage's holocron
Darth Revan's holocron
Darth Rivan's holocron
Darth Vectivus's holocron
Dathka Graush's holocron
Elcho Kressh's holocron
Freedon Nadd's holocron
Holocron of Heresies
Mustafar Sith holocron
Kruskan Sith holocron
Tascollan holocron
Telos Holocron
Tulak Hord's holocron
XoXaan's holocron