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Most people don't think about it, but most guilds haven't even cleared HM EC. If you want more content, just be PATIENT. Its not like their is some lame game studio is making SWTOR. Bioware Austin has had several members laid off, which means that is less people to work on the game. Plus, with 1.4 dropping and maybe 1.5 as well this year, there will be a lot of content, to keep players busy.
I don't think it's fair to tell people to be patient at all. People come to modern MMOs now with an expectation of content delivery (and I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation). Just because Bioware has had to make redundancies (and I genuinely feel for the staff involved in that), doesn't mean the customer base should suffer so much. We pay a part of our subscription price for them to develop new content, no new content = overpriced subscriptions.

If it was a F2P game, fair enough - tell people to be patient because your not paying for development constantly, but in a sub-game it's simply unacceptable.

I do understand that guilds haven't cleared EC Hard Mode yet, the point is though that the majority of guilds will have cleared EC Story Mode - the reality is hard mode really isn't that different to story mode once your in other than tactics changes. It's not a new boss encounter or new sets of trash - it's the same stuff a little more difficult and the feeling of it being 'new' wears off after about the third raid.

On the Everquest points - it's my favourite MMO of all time. I loved taking months to level to max, then having to build AA points after that. PoP was a fun expansion with its progression structure (I think more games should take this on), where you have to kill one tier of bosses to get access to the next tier.

Unfortunately a game like Everquest wouldn't be 'successful' in the current market - back then MMOs were for a minority audience in comparison to now where MMOs have become common-place in a good proportion of people growing up. I would love to see a game come out with that style of levelling and progression and i'd play it, unfortunately not many would stay in it now. Would we all really play with the lag we used to get in PoK and The Bazaar ? Or accept mid-raid breaks to allow peoples 56K connections to reset at a convenient time rather than the 2 hour forced reset ? ^^ Even when the servers were down, everyone was on EQChat until they were back up (It really was a different era of gaming )

There's a few other reasons that MMOs struggle now compared to EQ and I think one reason is that there's just so much choice in MMOs to play now, especially with how many have gone F2P.

When I played everquest, there wasn't really another MMO to play - quit and you quit MMOs. Now if your playing an MMO, there's a constant comparison to other MMOs. If you quit one MMO, you can pick up a different one or go back to one you've played before and with the split of players amongst them, there's always someone in another game you'll be relatively familiar with or gamed with before.

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