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I would definitely run through the Hardmodes Flashpoints. Visually, I find Athiss and Cademimu quite interesting, and would love to see them again in a more powerful form. And Nightmare Flashpoints would certainly be fun, but they would drop Rakata (Campaign Chestpiece for Lost Island?), I'm guessing, and that would take away from the necessity of doing Ops, which may not help stop trolls, exactly.
Would love to have a Nightmare mode option for all flashpoints, as far as dropping Rakata and taking away from "necessity" of ops, 1: Black Hole MK-1 gear has better stats than Rakata 2: I don't think it should ever be necessary to run ops. I'm in a guild, and we run ops, but we don't always have the right combination of people so there is usually an odd man or 2 out, and it's never fun being the odd guy out that gets left behind and forgotten