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07.31.2012 , 12:38 AM | #779
Prompt: Family

Title: We Belong

Characters: Sha’ra’zaed (Operative), Vector

I guess I picked the right week to write my agent. I haven’t written too much for her aside from a ‘Cliff’s Notes’ background sketch and an I-can’t-decide-whether-it’s-canon episode (;postcount=139). I don’t get to play her as much as I’d like, and I only just started Act 3. And while I’ve accumulated enough affection to trigger all of Vector’s quests, I’m holding off on finishing (even though I’ve finished Kaliyo and Lokin) for reasons that will become apparent. I compressed and juggled the timeline a bit here (regarding Vector’s quests) because it made more sense in my story.

The seed for this one started with the juxtaposition of the last of Vector’s and Lokin’s companion quests with Agent Hoth and Act 2 ending. I intended it for “Discovery” but it ended up more at “Family”. Fairly short, only 1500 words, and almost all dialog so it reads quick.

Obviously contains spoilers for the above stories, specifically the Chiss Agent ‘version’ of Hoth. Also some general Alderaan quests. Sorry to be so OCD about the warnings. I’m going out of my way to avoid agent story spoilers in particular, so I’m trying to give others the same chance.