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Nearly killing the Jedi, Ira was nethertheless satisfied as he was able to rip from the master's hold, and was prepared to finish him off when a haze of dirt blinded him.

Roaring in anger, he unleashed a whirlwind of the Force around, blowing it away, and found the Jedi have escaped. With his fury rumbling inside his being, the Sith Lord howled out to the sky with the ground quaking under his Force scream, "Jorryk Sorvyn!"

Suddenly a handful of bolts hit his back. Snarling in mild pain, Ira fell over on his knees. Feeling the bolts sizzling on his armored back, he thanked the Force for good-quality durasteel armor. Breathing in deeply, he angled his head to see five rebels approaching with blaster rifles.

A smug look was on the leader's face as they approached, ready to fire at any given movement. Unfornatunely for them, the Force wasn't controlled by such things.

Unexpectingly, Ira's shoto shot from his hip, igniting its purple saber, searing through his cape, and impaled the leader in the chest. With this distraction, the Kaleesh lifted his hand, envisioned the surviving four in his grasp, hearing them choke and sputter as he choked them with the Force, leaving them at his mercy as he got back up and retrieved his shoto.

Crushing their throats, Ira noticed the surrounding rebels dying around him, and saw the base defenses approaching him, gunning the retreated soldiers down. A trooper approaching him, "Milord, we can take it from here without that accursed Jedi. We have the upperhand now, thanks to you."

"Excellent," Ira breathed, "Where is my comrades and your commanding officer?"

"The other Sith are on their ship, the Major is inside, sire." The trooper said. With a nod, the Sith Lord walked past the troops and a good lookout point.

Sitting down, he inhaled and meditated, using the battle's emotions to fuel his healing, waiting for his comrades to arrive.
"The Jedi is the chains of the soul as the Sith is the poison of the body, I am...just another unfornatune of both ideals."