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Republic trooper ,Kota Terress, walked through a war torn street with a convoy of negociators. His job had been to escort them to the peace talks but then the fighting started and he and his squad took refuge in a nearby house they felt that it was afe enough to venture around. Kota had his blaster raised and was waiting for an analysis to be completed by his armor's droid program, Ark.

"Analysis complete......It would appear that the Empire has the upper hand considering they were geared for an assult. After checking nearby public sources before the lockdown I was able to gather taht the Empire has war vehiclesand plenty of them. Ark said

"War Vehicles? " Kota asked

"Tanks and other similar mobile units"

"Thats not good. ok find me other squads last known locations and areas of communication

Kota looked around for a safe spot where the negociaters could hide out. He noticed a small building that had power and lead them all there.

" you will be safe here until we can get you out . You two stay with these guys and the rest of you on me, lets find some more soldiers and get in this fight.

The squad led by Kota left the building and entered the street once again. He awaited a response from Ark as to where to go next.

In the distance he saw a group of people that he could not idetify he and the squad raised their blasters and proceeded with extreme caution.
[Jung Ma] Remnants of Hope- Kotta Terress
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