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Anyone can join you dont need a character sheet just join in if you want and sort of establish yourself.


A new Small city establishment has been found on Alderaan. Hoping to stay out of any power struggles the House Engrin closed themselves of and erased them selves from any records. Unfortunetly Engrin was the most successful of the houses of Alderaan and produced a confidential piece of technology. The device is said to power entire fleets with no cool down neccessary. This could allow for fully automatic orbital cannons that could level a planet in a day. The energy device is deep in the innermost part of the small citties walls and both factions have gone to meet with House Engrin's people to discuss their alliegence.

The Empire arrived quickly with a small attack force and siezed the city. The republic retaliated and sent forces of their own. The peopel of Engrin paniced and grouped together to overthrow the Empire. Now the City is without leadership and structure and people are fighting to survive as both factions gear up to fight for the control of this Lost City.

The City is srrounded by huge walls and has many buildings and a nice infrustructure. The city seem s advanced and has a huge lockdown system that was activated at an unknown time. The only way to lift the lock down is for the former head of House Engrin to input the overide and he has gone missing.

No one can enter or leave the city and the object is to capture the city and technology and release the lockdown. You can play either facion but be preped for war. I may tak ethe role of some Engrin citizens when need be.
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