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The Vanguard/Bounty Hunter

Most Favorite Feature: Being effective outside of melee range
Least Favorite Feature: No escape mechanic

Vanguards shine ... during predictable damage output and trash pulls
Vanguards fall ... if they're allowed to run low on ammo

Vanguards will ideally fight ... slow hitting high damage bosses, anything with elemental damage, or anything ranged
As a Vanguard main, I would say that Most Favorite Feature is "most predictable damage profile" and trash pulls are not at all where we shine. Sure, we have lots of AoE, but most of it breaks CCs, which are so very critical to any challenging trash pull. Running low on ammo shouldn't ever happen unless you're completely using the wrong abilities (your main attacks only cost 2 ammo, Energy Blast regenerates ammo, you get a free ammo every 6s from shielding attacks, and you have two "oops, messed up my ammo" buttons in Recharge Cells and Reserve Powercell). Where Vanguards ACTUALLY fall is against force/tech-heavy bosses, whose attacks can't be defended or shielded. Which makes me wonder why you put "anything with elemental damage" as the ideal fight...Shadows have better elemental resist and self-heals, Guardians have a bubble, Vanguards don't get much there except a few long-cooldown abilities.

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Overall Shadows are the easiest PvE tank to play
Haven't played a Shadow to a high level, but this goes against everything I've ever heard from a Shadow player.
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