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07.30.2012 , 03:53 PM | #27
Infernal Council misonsception: Bloodthirst and Predation automatically cause Marauders to recieve the "Penalty of Destiny" debuff.

In fact, it doesn't. You only receive the debuff by attacking an Infernal Council member linked to another player or by healing a player.

The ability you're looking for that causes issues with Marauders is Berserk, and even then, it only happens when the player is in Juyo form. While in Juyo, the Marauder gets a buff to their bleed attacks, yet those bleed attacks heal the entire group. If a Marauder wants to use Berserk, they either have to be in the Ataru or Shi-Cho stance before using it.

There's really no reason for a decent Marauder to not kill their guy. The actual DPS requirement for the Infernal Council fight is laughable at this point. Even in Hard Mode, players just need about a constant 700 DPS to kill their guy on time. Tanks need half of that, and healers just need to be able to survive the huge damage abilities of the Assassin.