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07.30.2012 , 01:14 PM | #10
I believe the culprit to this bug is that theses bombardiers towards the end of a fight have a set time limit to spawn once the previous one has. What's happening is that the 3rd one spawns and is killed very close to it's self destruct. The person with the mark, for what ever reason, takes a while getting to the droid and placing themselves correctly to destroy the droid.

Here's where I believe the issues arises, because the bombardiers spawn quicker at this point in the fight, the next one is queued up to spawn before the player actually blow up the walker. As the walker is being destroyed, the next bombardier comes out and unnecessarily causes chaos.

This is what my guild has concluded and we have used some tricks (pulls and jumps) to get the person with the mark to the droid as fast as possible. As long as the process of killing the bomber and blowing up the walker is done in a quick manor, we have not seen this issue happen again.