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07.30.2012 , 01:01 PM | #14
This is the only fight where i think threat is an issue in the whole game. I'm a PT tank and do sometimes get aggro pulled from me.

1. Make sure that mara is has guard(even have the other tank guard the mrec there is no range limit for guard in pve)

2. As many others stated wait 4-6 secs to use taunt or wait untill you maras blood thirst is about up

3. If u did taunt 4-6 in use your Aoe or single target if off cd at the end of the double destruction cast

4. If your dps is pulling the aggro 10-15 seconds in to the fight(right before DD cast) dont taunt back until DD is cast... u want it on the dps anywho

5. If you followed this u should be able to just use your single target on CD aoe for emergency's for the first couple times up on the tank after getting up on the tank for the 3rd and 4th times your threat should be high enough to not use a taunt

6. If all else falls roll a PT much more fun than a juggy IMO(have all 3 tanks at max lvl)