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I was doing EC HM 8 man last night. I started on stormcaller every time and I would lose aggro at least twice (meaning I had no taunt up to change to firebrand or DPS would die on stormcaller side due to taking DD and getting one shotted by the cleave).

We gave up and went to go to EC SM just for easy black hole commendations and one shotted Stormcaller and firebrand with no aggro issues whatsoever on EC NM.

guardian tank (played by me)
commando healer & DPS
and sentinel DPS

the classes above where what we had on stormcaller

Wondered if anyone else had had aggro problems? or if I was just failing badly them few tries?
What spec Guard tank are you? If you are losing threat to DPS on high end raids then I am guessing you are 31 Def tree spec'ed or near it. The problem I was having with that tree is that the talent points do not give significant returns on investment, and on top of that DPS gear scales well where as defensive gear does not. So really its a 2-fold issue, finding that balance between gear and spec. If you are spec'ed up the Def tree then consider swapping out your def/shield/absorb augments for DPS. Or vice versa if you hybrid, go crazy with the def/shield/absorb augments. Since 1.3 I found that the hybrid route is the best way to go (Overhead Slash + Commanding Awe) and I load up my gear with def/shield/absorb augments. I am able to single tank anything without using taunts. In fact I save my taunts for any swaps or when I get creative (Combat Focus + Enure + Focused Defense + Challenging Call/Single Taunt)
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