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If you're having threat issues I recommend the following:

1) DPS stim
2) DPS adrenal
3) Use your single-target taunt at the 4-6 second mark, then your AOE once the first taunt falls off

If you're still having issues, you'll need to defer to your other tank. Guardian threat gen is the lowest of the three tanks. That might be the issue as well.

edit: I'm also assuming you're 31 points up the Guardian tree and not hybrid. Hybrid has no chance to hold threat on SC.

Last night i tanked 8-man HM Stormcaller and Firebrand on my Jugg ALT (main sniper) and I encountered this problem with stormcaller. I never had that issue with stormcaller before but i guess with the dps sitting at min max gear and the spec changes... hard to tell. I do 3) all the time. Well i do backhand->crushing blow->smash->scream->clipped ravage->single taunt.

Will try 1) and 2) next time if i get the chance to tank on my jugg again.

Will try popping adrenal and the stim next time! Thanks for the tip. Also we ran with TWO (yes two) Juggernaut alt tanks and as you can imagine, it did not work out too well the first few attempts to get rid of that annoying second DD.

We were able to get past this problem though by having the SM Jugg tank use his taunt (that he would otherwise use for the tank swap) to keep aggro, after which we do the tank swap (we have no taunters), and the other jugg tank blows Saber ward to tank both SM and FB, while positioning himself so no one gets cleaved for around 2 GCDs. (after some 2 GCDs ~ish, the other jugg tank is able to taunt FB back to him)
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