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07.30.2012 , 11:27 AM | #1
I've been pvping since this game released and I'm confident that I've come up with some changes that should be made to make PvP a little more fair on melee classes. Its obvious that BW/EA have a love affair with ranged dps for some reason, they get to do more burst damage, more constant damage and more damage over time all from long range with more stuns and knockbacks/roots. Sounds OP doesn't it? So here we go:

Sentinels need more than 1 cc break, give us some way of dealing with all the stuns and roots we're walking face first into. And don't tell me to spec into camo cause only one skill tree can do that, I mean every sentinel/guardian should have a chance to break cc more than once per life.

Give Resolute a buff after u cast it. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to punch through a wall because my 200 hour long CD on resolute finally comes back up and I pop it just to be cc'd again within micro-seconds. Hyperbole aside, give us 5 seconds of immunity to cc's after popping resolute and I bet u'll have a lot less people quitting the knight classes.

MAKE MASTER STRIKE ACTUALLY UNINTERRUPTABLE! It's unbelievable that you guys think you made it uninterruptable but really you just made it so that the interrupt ability that a handful of classes has won't work on it. You can still get knocked back, stunned, rooted or the enemy can go invisible and it gets interrupted. Seems stupid right? Snipers can cast deep cover (i think that's what it's called) and I can't jump to them, interrupt them, stun them, knock them back, really all i can do to them is feed them a kill. But the one and only ability you give us that's "uninterruptable" is only useful if ur enemy feels like standing still and taking 6k damage for some reason.

Fix Stasis. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to put someone in stasis that was trying to activate an ability and they get to finish their ability before my stasis kicks in. In a lot of cases it's a CC or knockback so when I pop stasis, WHICH IS 1 OF ONLY 2 CC's MY CLASS HAS, I can still be knocked back or stunned. So not only does it render my stasis useless but it also puts it back on CD without giving me any benefit of being cast.

P.S. I know this may come off as whining or just some nerd rage, but it's not. I thought this post out before I dropped it. I don't want you nerfing powertechs or shadows, I can kill any class 1 v 1 so I don't want you guys changing this game for me. I just want the Sentinels/Guardians to have a fair shot in PvP so people will stop quitting the melee classes. Pvp is becoming more and more populated with the ranged classes that can stun everyone and heal themselves and I don't want this game to become a First Person Shooter.