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I haven't dropped by the forums for a while (a long while) but I wanted to come back and see if they've actually released even the most vaguest of info on SGRAs.

Last I heard was at launch, and all they were saying was that SGRAs were to be added at a 'later point'.

Anymore word because I'd really love to start playing my bisexual main and my lesbian alt.
We did get more information, finally, at the Guild Summit, early in April. The upshot is that yes, same-gender romance is still to come. They ran short of time and money coming into launch, hence the delay. They won't just be switching pronouns in the existing companion scripts - each companion with a same-gender romance will have new dialog for that. Not all companions will be romanceable for the same sex - the design team knew from early on who would be, and it's those for whom they feel it makes sense, and no they won't reveal who that is. Same-gender romantic content will be implemented with other new story content, "this year" - as specific as they got regarding time frame, but they say they want to take the time they need to do it right.

Since April, not a peep.