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This is why I like the Infernal Council fight. Everyone needs to solo an easy mini boss. This fight should be first instead of 4th because it determines if everybody is geared.
We took an undergeared marauder thru and on this fight he died or timed out everytime. His gear wasn't even that bad, he had almost 15K hitpoints.
We tried him on the Healer and he kept dying. We moved him to the one with the next lowest hitpoints and he would get closer to killing him before dying.
Luckily on the 6th try, Another player got there just as he got killed and got off a 6.5 k crit to finish his boss.
Well the reason for this is 99% certain that he use Bloodthirst and/or Beserk that affect others and get the debuff that cant hurt the boss and therefor times out or eventually dies. If you only use the most common 5-6 attacks this is not a problem for a marauder. I did it with less than 15k health, No problems