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Speaking from personal experience, at level 19, you MUST 2-heal the last boss. He's simply too hard, and you can't dispel his DoT yet.

The instance is built for level 20-23 though, I think...It was bloody hard for me to heal it at that level, and I levelled to 20 just before the last boss.

22 vanguard tank, two 20 gunslingers and a 18 sage healing... No issues until the big lizard boss. And then three wipes. This is the first time I've played tank in an MMO so maybe I just suck. I'm geared pretty good but it just seemed like halfway through the healing stopped. Maybe the healer was too underpowered?
Sorcerers suffer from difficulty getting their Force to recharge in the later half of a long fight. You can't very well use life tap to recover Force, as most bosses have an AoE or something nasty to hit you with right after you do it.

I'd imagine Sages are the same.
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