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Hammer Station is actually a good flashpoint that teaches people basic flashpoint strategies. It is hard for on-levels for a reason (it's the Wake Up Call Boss for SWTOR when it comes to flashpoints). It's doable with on-level groups, even ones not experienced with MMO's, since it's purpose is to teach.

1) You need a four man group. This isn't your 2 or even solo-able Black Talon instance for the standard on-level. Future flashpoints will get harder, with Colicoid War Games and Red Reaper being unwinnable without 4 sentient players.
2) People need a role. You'll want one healer and one tank. Off-tanks and off-healers are fine here since there are no enrage timers.
3) The tank attacks first. This becomes evident when people realize that everything in the group will target the first person that attacks until threat (either through damage or healing) forces them to switch targets.
4) CC is king. If you don't learn that fights while using stuns and CC abilities are easier than when not using them, then you'll want to learn that before Athiss. The second boss fight can be made significantly easier with the use of CC.
5) Be aware. Things happen in the fight that cannot be anticipated unless you've done it before. From special boss attacks to adds suddenly spawning, failure to pay attention and figure out how to counter these will lead to future failures in tougher content.
6) DPS need to attack adds. This becomes very important in the final boss fight. For one, the tank needs to keep the AOE cone of the boss from hitting other people (another part of being aware). Also, if the DPS ignore those adds, they will ravage the healer and kill the healer in seconds.

As for a final boss guide, it's as everyone says.
- Avoid the mines
- Have the tank turn the boss away from everyone
- Have the healer be near the entrance, as far away from where the adds spawn as possible
- DPS will shoot the boss, yet attack the adds as soon as they appear. The boss has no enrage timer, so it's not like they *have* to keep shooting.

The end. Enjoy your loot.