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Eternity Vault Story Mode is laughably easy.

Basically, you just need level 50 and ~49 greens across the board be "geared enough". Actually knowing the fights before going into Eternity Vault will increase your ability to do well more than gear. Gear is actually just a means to make content easier for those that miss mechanic checks or play their class to poor standards.

For Hard Mode Eternity Vault, you'll need Tionese tier at the least. The gear requirement, again, is not that high. Tionese level stuff is more for the fact that, if you have that, you have PVE experience. A player experienced in endgame PVE is more valuable than a PVPer with full War Hero yet no PVE experience. Also, an understanding of Eternity Vault Hard Mode mechanics is required.

For Nightmare, you'll need at least full Columi and lots of Hard Mode experience. Ideally, by the time you're good enough to consider Nightmare, you'll already be decently geared with Rakata tiered items. Nightmare is also the exact same as Hard Mode mechanics wise, so you just need a complete understanding of Hard Mode's mechanics.

Though, a little warning, the gear requirement for operations goes up the less skilled and informed you are for operations. Individual gear requirements also hinge on what group members are able to carry the team and have experience with Eternity Vault. Obviously, if you're running a group of level 50's with level 49 stuff, you better hope they know how to play and know the Eternity Vault fights.

Another warning, too, as it seems that Bioware is going to lean in this direction for future content. Denova and Lost Island have demonstrated that gear is not going to be able to pull a bad group through content. Things are going to be more of a mechanic check than a gear/skill check. Knowing the fights beforehand is going to be the most important thing. Go ahead and get the practice in now for Eternity Vault and eventually Karagga's Palace, or you'll find yourself in a rut trying to find out how you're not getting through content despite having BIS and all.