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Patch notes 4-6 weeks ago claimed the trash respawn problem was fixed, but it isn't.

Fortunately, there appears to be a 100% reliable work-around. The problem seems to happen when you wipe in one instance of Denova (e.g. Denova 1) and get put into a different instance (e.g. Denova 2) when you re-enter. The workaround is to leave one person (dead or alive) inside the instance until someone releases and re-enters. That ensures that you stay in the same instance you were in (with dead trash).

We were plagued by this 1-2 times per run before we starting using the workaround, and we've never had the trash respawn problem again (in probably a dozen runs, and wipes) after we started keeping someone inside.

We frequently (once or twice a week) encounter a bug on the minefield that sounds similar, but not identical, to what you describe. It will happen that the player in the tower clicks to go down to the field and spawn a probe droid, and before he can actually spawn the droid he is ported back to the tower. The player in question says this is because an add spawns in the tower and puts him in combat while his holo-projection is down in the minefield. I am not the one in the tower, so I can't say from first hand experience what is going on. But it is a sure wipe to the enrage timer if you get delayed by this bug.
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