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can someone explain the 3 grades of Black Hole earpiece? I only see one grade available at the BH vendor. do I need to purchase the grade 1 earpiece and RE it to get the schematic for a grade 2 earpiece?
As another psoter mentioned, Mk-1 come from vendors while Mk-2 and Mk-3 come from SM/HM EC. They has the same totaly number of stat points, but are distributed differently into different stats. Sometimes the Mk-1 will be better than the Mk-2 or Mk-3 b/c it has less endurance or less surge or less accuracy. Deciding which one is best depends on your spec and how many points you already have in other stats.

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this cleared up a bunch of questions i had for my end game artificer. thanks a ton!
Glad to hear it!
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