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07.30.2012 , 02:18 AM | #17
I'm a Op healer and I lvl with a sniper friend.
I have Biochem so I provide him with blue stims/medpacks and adrenals when I have spare materials.

We have done Hammer station around 5-6 times with 2 random people.

I find it hard to heal when the tanks position the AoE thru the whole group, but I can heal it, the AoE's can be ignored for a sec to finish a cast, if your healer can heal it (I stayed to finish a heal), the small adds should be a nobrainer, but in the last group we got neither the other dps or the tank took out the adds so I ended up dying due to ALOT of mobs on me and no aggro-reset (don't get combat stealth at this lvl).

Disclaimer: This is meant to be "the instance is Do-able, and I'm glad you have to grasp the mechanics or at least to a certain degree know your class, you start to get the majority of your skills now, and should be able to know your class, just a little bit, at least".
I got no legacy-gear or purples on this alt, all my gear is from the normal lvling and I did these runs of Hammer station between 17-20 with my sniper just 1 lvl behind me.
I think it's fine, but understand if people have problems.
I'm also not a person who has cleared al content.
I'm one of 3 rutined tanks in our guild (1 of each class) 1 new jugg and 1 jugg alt. We have done Zorn and Toth HM 3 weeks in a row, but care mostly about being social as our guild is a social casual guild. So no, I don't have 16 chars in 50 and everyone is in full 61 with Kehess HM on farm.

Everyone can do this, if they know the encounter