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07.30.2012 , 12:00 AM | #21
Hammer Station levels gets a tank in leveling/dps gear, a single target taunt on a long cooldown, and a tank stance for added threat.

They're not going to be aggro magnets at 18. However, they should be guarding the healer at that level for sure, just in case of healing aggro.

The rest of the team needs to be sure to let the tank get a couple of hits in before they attack, and no HOTS on the tank when he goes in...but I'm not sure healers even have a HOT at that level.

I haven't pve tanked since 2 weeks after early access, and maybe some things have changed since then. On a fresh character back then it wasn't that difficult, but you did lose aggro if you were not working to keep it....and watching the knockbacks, or you went out the window. I haven't been back there since then, lol.