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The TSO+Fusion Missile does put out the most damage. When I was saying "situational", I meant sometimes when movement is high and based on cooldown availability, TSO+HSM is more viability. Like I said, some things are pure situational.
Sure agreed. I'll also use TSO on HSM sometimes when moving. Sometimes I'll use TSO/PS/FM but again it's situatoinal as in many fights PS is already used for repositioning that can't be done inside the usual HSM/RS breaks.

My guide was meant for those who are trying to succeed. I'm sure there are a few changes I need to make- thats why I openly posted this trying to get fixes for things I misunderstood or completely forgot.
Yep. It's easy to sit back and nitpick as I have. The hard work is creating the guides in the first place and getting the eyeballs on it that you have. And of course once you do that everyone hits you with questions and requests for personalised advice. Good luck with that