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i said its good for starting mercs and it is the basic rotation is there.

The secret to playing this class well is figure out position tricks and aoe secrets like flamethrower VS Sweeping
or figuring out how much unload you can use before running out of red circles
I am full BiS.

I have logs of me doing 1800-1900 DPS on fights such as HM Zorn and Toth and HM Firebrand/Stormcaller.

If I am wrong, please correct me in a well conducted manner.

As for the well written response a few posts up: I will clarify a few things that may have been misinterpreted due to my inability to coherently write appropriately occasionally.

The TSO+Fusion Missile does put out the most damage. When I was saying "situational", I meant sometimes when movement is high and based on cooldown availability, TSO+HSM is more viability. Like I said, some things are pure situational.

About the "HSM and Rail Shot only at 5 stacks", I say that because rarely ever will you see your stacks drop off of the boss. If you're in a boss encounter, you will nearly always have 5 stacks on the boss, and if you're not dead you will always have 5 stacks of Tracer Lock every 15sec.

My guide was meant for those who are trying to succeed. I'm sure there are a few changes I need to make- thats why I openly posted this trying to get fixes for things I misunderstood or completely forgot.

I do use Fusion Missile with TSO and that is not written in my guide. Mostly because I literally copied over my guide I made 6 months ago.
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