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07.29.2012 , 09:55 PM | #1
Many people requested hard mode for all FPs. I have been thinking why not HM for all planet Herocis. The contents are already developed, voices already done, artworks already done.

Half of the heroics are in open area; so some may think there could be difficulty implementing it. But BW has already done it! Remember the Rakghoul event at Tatoonie? The mobs levels are adjusted to the player's. So something like.....there will a buff to whoever pickup the hm quest....the mobs level will be buffed up to hm level when pull.

OK most players generally "need some reasons" (read "purpose") to do the contents. I personally didn't like the idea of 5 BH comms a day for the random GF reward; I think that broke the end game tier progression.

Introducing.... *Legacy Commendations*. As the name suugests, player can spend the comms to buy legacy perks.

PVP shouldn't be left out. I also suggest Legacy Commendations to be rewarded to encourage open world PVP (well thats for another thread in the more appropriate forum).

I am sure there are flaws in my thinking. Feel free to point out and discuss for the better of swtor. (Yes I still hope that BW will listen)