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This is getting out of hand. If you're wasting your time with Fusion Missile you're doing it wrong. If you want to use FM, you do not use Power Surge with it. You go into a TSO+FM then afterwards, a Power Surge+Tracer Missile and most likely Unload since it nearly procs everytime after that.

Don't just accuse me of being wrong and linking SimCraft as if it is the end all be all.
A few points of clarification.

1) (i expanded this after reading some of your posts on the issue) Fusion Missile is by far the best damage when heat is not considered so using it with TSO is far better than say HSM or anything else. The only time you would use TSO on something else is if the target will die or otherwise negate the 6 second duration. Your claim that if one is using fusion missile they are doing it wrong, is wrong. I suspect the reason you have reached the wrong conclusion there is you compare DPH, when the whole point of TSO is it takes H out of the equation. But even if you use DPE or DPET you're calculating it wrong.

Here's why. Because you will use HSM on cooldown regardless, you need to compare the damage difference between FM and rapidshots, versus the damage difference between tracer missile and rapid shots. Crazy, isn't it?

I can even demonstrate this clearly in the sim. If I set HSM to hit for 10k and crit for 20k, it's still better to use TSO on fusion missile. Why? Because using it on HSM won't increase the HSM count in that fight. It effectively just lets another TM be used instead of rapidshots. But using it on FM adds a FM into the fight where there otherwise would have been a rapidshots.

2) using Power Surge on Tracer Missile is a dps loss. Given you have points in System Calibrations and are guaranteed to have a cast time of 1.4x seconds casting it will allow you to use your next ability 1.4x seconds later, versus 1.5s if you use Power Surge and make it instant since the GCD triggered by instants is not reduced by alacrity.

3) Barrage is no more likely to proc from TSO+FM PS+TM than it is from any other TM. It certainly doesn't "nearly always" proc after that. Talented it remains 45%, which is "usually not" if we're translating to general terms.

4) I agree with you, that throwing out a sim link with no argument is not a very useful contribution. But you may also want to weigh that you have thrown out numbers without any evidence. In comparison, the sim provides mountainous evidence for it's conclusions which anyone is free to assess review and confirm for themselves. and in fact it has been constantly reviewed by leaders in the swtor theory community. In comparison, we can't review your numbers because you supply no evidence.

5) Your suggestion to only use rail shot on 5 stacks, only use HSM on 5 stacks and only use unload on barrage procs is demonstrably wrong. They should be used on cooldown, as even without their bonuses they do more damage than tracer missile which is the alternative. The question then comes down to is the dps difference worth delaying getting their cooldown ticking, and the answer is no. That is even more evident with unload given a barrage proc resets the cooldown. Points like these that increase dps while decreasing complexity are worth paying attention to.

Of course, all of those are relatively minor points and the guide is otherwise very useful and will get people performing near maximum, and these points are more the difference between first and second place in the olympics, rather than the difference between first and not qualifying. It's a great addition to the merc community. Bravo.