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I love my white crystal. I grinded my behind off doing dailies to get enough creds for a +41 power. Cost me 2.5 million. If bioware brings them back, I expect no less of a price tag.
I understand everybody wants the best gear., or even teh best looking. But I am a staunch supporter of having extremely rare and limited items in game. Sure it sucks for the new people that didnt start playing until after something has been released. But at the same time it gives people something unique to work towards.
And they are extremely rare, atleast on my server. I only know 4 people with a white crystal. 1 being myself, 2 are guild mates. And one of the guild mates is a mara, and believe it or not. He duel wields white sabers.
Sadly I was just too poor to afford the white crystals, BUT I completely agree. So far the only real "rare" rewards are the "your account was active between this timeframe." I see a nice amount of White / Purple on Canderous Ordo though...but like the quoted post said, we need more limited time rewards to make the playerbase feel like they achieved something. (Hell I still have 2 Green-Black crystals from the first game event, never used them yet, but one day when I make a Jedi or my Sith reaches 50 haha....)

I'd like to throw out some examples from the late Star Wars Galaxies: The "Painting" and the yearly anv. paintings / rewards. Rare armors or backpacks (like the Chiss Poacher pack), the first AOE gun (fireworks pistol), the rare bacta tanks, Mandalorian backpacks, Blacksun gear, Sundrider's and all the other named saber crystals, etc.