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Pull chains.

So fun to see.
Yeah. Even better on a Jugg when you charge, forcepush someone immediately, get pulled backwards, get pulled forwards by sorc, get knocked back off, you charge to friendly, you charge to enemy, you get pulled back again, you get pulled by sorc again, etc. and you probably only move 5 meters with the actual movement key the entire time. I feel like I'm playing a TOR pinball machine.

Excellent use of CC moments as well, such as charge rooting a tank that is guarding a ball carrier, immediately rooting the ball carrier with my other root, and then force choking the healer while the fire takes them both out. Pulling people over walls to separate them from guard and cross healing. (well, before they changed the walls in civil war) I never saw anyone else ever do this move. Climb the wall, wait for the right moment, then jump backwards and pull at the right time and you could pull them over with you onto the other side, where they were free to get beat down without aid.

Moments I generally wish I recorded would probably be me scoring at the last second, or tie breakers where no one can score the entire time. Or defending nodes/stopping caps against half their team for a minute or more by yourself with no help. Or just fights where I am outnumbered and come out ahead in the end by going all out.

(Feel free to skip this next paragraph if you don't want a "cool story, bro" moment)

Actually, I had one of these the other day on my alt scoundrel whose like level 24, defeating a higher level mara and an operative. I opened from range on the mara while sitting in cover so he couldn't charge, threw up my dots (was specced lethality), just as I am about to probe him for some burst, an operative opens on me with knockdown and tries to stunlock me with the other stun, which I break instantly and throw off my mez to get some room. I don't get very far, because the mara now charges and roots me and the operative breaks out of mez while I am vulnerable; I blow my dodge + vanish, as I am suddenly now at 30% of my health left. The operative uses stealth and the mara goes over to cap, and I move behind an obstacle and watch for a second and the operative decides to come out of stealth to help cap thinking I had been chased away. Well, dumb move on his part. I grenade them to stop cap and dot again while sitting in cover; I still don't have much health so I start up a heal, knowing that the operative will not reach me in time and the mara can't charge to interrupt. My dots had now melted the mara down to about 50% health, so I decide to try and stand my ground and burst him down quickly. I move away from the operative and let the mara charge me after I put a probe on him, then land my other melee attacks and I grenade to finish him off and hit the operative moving in. I get hit by him pretty hard and get the low health warning, negating the heal I just did. I have my stun up still so I use it and move away while popping my energy return cooldown. He can't break stun, because he used it on mez and I manage to get beyond 10 meters because I have the run speed on stun talent, so he can't slow me. I melt him down a bit with ranged and wait for my backblast to come back up before I cast a heal and let him reach melee again. He doesn't interrupt in time and I drop my melee on him. At this point we are both extremely low health, but he panics and tries to vanish. Unfortunately, I have a TA so I use my aoe point blank shot and pop him out with good timing and then finish him off while he tries to run away. I most assuredly should have died in that match up, which is why I think it's memorable. The most memorable are when you are against all odds, and still win.
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can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.