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So, I'm new to TOR, and the whole concept of flashpoints/operations is a little new to me. I've only gone on two (I'm still pretty low-level) fps, and the first time (Black Talon) I go with somebody really nice. Next time around I join a full size group, but it turns out he's a major whiner, doesn't understand how to play bosses and the differences between damage, healing, and tanking, and ends up quiting in the middle of the boss-fight on Hammer Station, which messed everybody else up.

I've got a bad feeling that whinners and people who don't understand how to play are common problem. So, how can you tell who these people are before grouping with them?
First of all, there is no real tank at that level, neither is there any real healing. No one has the ability to tank at all until later.

All anyone should have to do is kill the normal trash, focus the elites, and stay out of the circles on the floor in BT/Esseles.