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I'm sorry if this seems nitpicky, but how do you know? BioWare hasn't said what companions will be available for SGRs, let alone how SGRs will be handled. It's possible all current love interests will be available to PCs of both genders, it's possible they won't. As far as I know, BW hasn't said anything either way.

If they have said something, and that's what you're basing your statement on, please, provide a link because I know lots of us want to know.
Apologies if my statement of "they won't go the all bisexual route" was too assertive. I was just infering that from some the quotes from devs I remember ( or I think I remeber, my mind can play tricks on me )
I think they said, at some point during this year, that "some" of the current companions will be available for SGRs.
I might have missread or decontextualized that phrase. Just dismiss my opinion on this matter, since I hope I'm totally wrong about it

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Also, I wasn't meaning to be insulting with the whining and the crying, because I don't hold myself above everyone else. I know I can whine and cry with the best of them, and I did when it was revealed a certain character in ME3 was not bisexual (while her male counterpart was).
It's ok. But the problem is the context those word are used. 99% of the time those shed a negative light upon the person who's making a complaint or asking for sometihng. That notion is always there, even if you don't mean exactly that.


@Kioma already addressed most of your points, but I'd still like to add something.

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Re: Exclusive romances.
This is more to do with realism than anything else. It's not realistic for every romancable character to be available and open to both genders. That is not how it works in reality.
I find it interesting that of all the many "unrealistic" things that happens in a fantasy game, only the availabilty of romances to either gender has to comply some arbitrary idea of "reality"
It's "unrealistic" that a person will fall in love with someone regardless of morals, looks, ethics, race, religion, species..... This happens in the game and no one seems to be raising their concerns over "reality". Why a gender check has to be made and not many other things ?

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A bisexual person is not the same as a lesbian or a gay or even a straight person,
I don't understand what you mean by this.

For me, the only difference between a gay man and a straight one is which gender is the people they like to have sex with, be emotianally attached to. That's all. I won't assume anything else beyond that.

Say Steve Cortez in ME3. What if instead of "husband" in his lines it was "wife" ? What would have changed for you ? Nothing for me. He would still be the same smart, sweet guy who's grieving the loss of a loved one.

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(Another thing to note: PCsexual usually turns out to be the same dialogue with different pronouns, which is the main issue people have with PCsexual characters, why they say they're not realistic. This is the bad writing they were talking about at the guild summit.)
Let's say you like Kira's romance with a male Jedi. You say it's well written. What makes it a good writing ? What is actually written or the lack of a "female" version of that romance ?

Some people don't find engaging homosexuals romances, others don't find engaging straight ones. If a writer manages to write a romance that's equally enjoyable and satisfying for some from first bunch as well as for some from the second bunch, how is that bad writing ? I could even say it's good writing.

I think this has to do more with "gender-blindness" in a game, as an approach to writing than specifically a "romance" issue, but that's another whole discussion.