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07.29.2012 , 09:57 AM | #15
@ OP it is very difficult to get a sense of who you may be grouped with before you start a FP. However you can get some clue by how they respond in chat.
Say you put out a call for Hammer Station.
One person responds with "merc dps 17" this terse but informative person tends to be someone who has been around awhile likely playing an alt and therefore reasonably decent at the game.
Another responds with " Awesome heals here" Definite ego in this response the ego may or may not be deserved.
Yet another " im a level 16 Powertech can i come?" Enthusiasm and lack of abbreviations could mean a relatively young or new player.

While it is by no means perfect paying close attention to how and what a person says back to you can tell you something about them.