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The final boss is unforgiving when it comes to tactics execution. But if done right, is very easy. I've tanked this in group finder as a level 15 Shadow, with level appropriate groups. Simple tactic:

1. Tank runs through boss from pull and, thus, turns him around.

2. Tank has back to the console to avoid being pushed off. DPS stand behind the boss, i.e. facing console.

3. When boss casts sweeping gunfire, the conal AOE, the tank "strafes" to the side (the Q or E key by default), and then strafes back into position the moment it finishes.

4. When adds come DPS kill adds, the tank should ignore these (as the low level tank is unlikely to have an AOE taunt, possibly no taunt at all - aggro must be maintained on boss to hold boss in position).

5. DPS prio is stay out of AOE > kill adds > attack boss.

The final point is pretty much the standard basis for all end-game FPs and Operations (inc. tanks "facing" a boss away from a raid). At which point even more complexities get thrown in. Get used to this premise now. Early level FPs are "trainers." It really doesn't need nerfing.