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Ok, Simply a missunderstanding on your part. Black Talon FP is the first fp in the game players can join it at level 10 and up. You didn't realize a "tank" has no aggro ability until higher level, i think its around 14 or so don't remember. IF the healer was healing which isnt normally needed on that fp than yes he will get aggro and the only way to pull from him is to kill it. Aggro will go everywhere, once they get higher level they get abilities to hold aggro better but for the most part, aggro control is a learned talent. Takes Time. Hope this helps.
Yes, that makes sense.

But really, I still don't want to run into people who are going to quit, even though we're doing fine, just because we were all playing that the low-levels that we are.

He was lv17, anyway, and actually seemed to have some tanking ability. And he wasn't getting targetted by AOE at all, while I, for one example, was playing sniper, and therefore much less mobile, which meant I was getting hurt by ranged AOE a lot, which naturally made the healer more concerned about me.

And healing is a little helpful when dealing with the final boss, since you have to deal with his AOEs and the extra guys he keeps bringing in, which forces advanced classes like the sniper to go mobile, which means less damage occurs to the boss, which means he has a longer time to deal damage out to everyone else.

@alifaraaz: that's what I thought. Kind of a change for me, because in the last MMO I was on, you could pretty much instantly recognize people who didn't know how to play, based on their equipment and weapons.