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All these observations are valid. And I'm not really complaining about them, becasue they are pretty much a fact of life, what I'm really asking is, in your experience having played a lot longer than me, are there some signs or something that help you know when a group is mature and worth your time, and when it isn't.

Basically, the guy was tanking, but not drawing agression, and because he was tanking the healer focused more on those of us who actually were drawing agression. He complained if his health wasn't 100% all the time, and he always waited for others to attack first even though he clearly stated he was playing tank. He left his keyboard in the middle of fights a lot without giving us a heads up. But he complained when other people did things the right way. And quiting because your upset that people are doing this the right way is really not cool.

Again, this isn't an attempt to bash these people, I'm just asking the experienced people if they've found ways to recognize the un-helpful before getting stuck with them.
Ok, Simply a missunderstanding on your part. Black Talon FP is the first fp in the game players can join it at level 10 and up. You didn't realize a "tank" has no aggro ability until higher level, i think its around 14 or so don't remember. IF the healer was healing which isnt normally needed on that fp than yes he will get aggro and the only way to pull from him is to kill it. Aggro will go everywhere, once they get higher level they get abilities to hold aggro better but for the most part, aggro control is a learned talent. Takes Time. Hope this helps.