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I Pugged EC story mode in 100% columi I had augmented every piece. I had buffed and stimmed 24k hps with 38% shield chance 36% shield absorb 28% defense 30% damage reduction these numbers are approx... except for the HPs.

The issue I had was not survivability it was DPS the first go round. 2 days later I went in with a different group and had no issues with toth and zorn. I even got a rakata chest piece.

Once you make friends with guilds they remember your name. They will come calling from time to time. Now my shadow tank isnt my main my trooper is so ONLY my trooper gets to goto 16man HM with my guild. Because of this I am forced to pug with my Tank. This is because I cant commit to tank 100% of the time for my guild. I like to play all the classes. I get bored to quickly. This is why i got lvl 50 Trooper shadow sage gunslinger sentinal and sniper. I am finding it tough to get rakata on all of them. My guild only raids 2 nights a week and as i said its mains only. They dont even do anything else but 16 man ECHM and nightmare pilgrim. Seems they have burned themselves out on all the content.

Anyways it can be tanked in all columi augmented in story mode easily....NO PVP GEAR THOUGH The armorings arent as good IMO. I would rather take you through ev/kp HMs till you were all columi / rakata before going to ec story. Especially since you can get all columi in one week in FPs with group finder. People wanna see you putting in the effort to gear your self at least that far anyway before doing denova...
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