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07.28.2012 , 04:30 PM | #10
I'm just going to get this rant off my chest. I was one of the folks that started playing this game recently for the first time and I have to see people with purple and white light sabers yet I cannot get one? People paid less than 300k and now the new comers have to pay millions? (if you can even find one on GTM) I also can't get the speeder I want because they are never being sold anymore. WHY SHOULD I PAY SOMEONE MILLIONS OF CREDIT WHEN THEY BOUGHT IT FOR 200K????

Bio Ware, why can't you do it like mass effect, make it an extremely rare drop and if you play long enough you will get it, like the black widow. Either that or bring it back and sell it for a couple mil to limit the amount of people to get it. I'm just saying it's just not fair discontinuing items, anyone that signs up to play the game now cannot possibly get what they want even if they work real hard at it.