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12.19.2011 , 09:57 AM | #1
I've done "The Boarding Party" flashpoint twice now, the instance has 3 lootable boss chests. The strange thing is though, the first time I ran it, I did it with my friend and our companions, we cleared the whole thing. We couldn't loot any of the chests there.

1st chest : Jedi Knight boss
2nd chest : bonus Q boss
3rd chest : last boss

We thought we were being penalized for two-manning the instance, but this wasn't the case.
The second time we ran we did it in a full party, nope, couldn't still loot anything.

We noticed this "bug" at an earlier level when we two-manned "Mandalorian Raiders", couldn't loot the chest from the republic forces(jk,jc,trooper,smuggler bosses) either.

Have any of you guys experienced this same thing?
Any clues what this could be?