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"LFM EC come to me riding on your Aratech Fire or no invite"
How would you fake that?
Farming EC hard mode with my main and having it completed with 3 other characters I don't own a single Aratech Fire ... but when filling up for spontaneous story mode or twink runs we usually state that gear and experience is not optional. This also means that either you're a twink of someone we know or you'll have to be in at least full Rakata to be taken into EC story mode ... this might seem counterproductive, but in the end it pays for all members of the raid.
We're not looking to progress through the raid, but blaze through it in as little time as possible for BH tokens.
This is also true for Flashpoints where even some that struggle to keep up with the pace thank me and complement the group on the run ... it's a really common mindset to play to get things done and have fun because of it.
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Just remember that combat logs only state mathamatical facts. They are not rude or arrogant.