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CCed to death?lol how is that different from ANY other class?Have you forgot snipers get a 20 second CC immunity?
And all their roots+Aoe abilities,One good melee class,can't beat a lethality or Marksman/engineers sniper in a 1v1,2 might be able to kill the sniper but definately not one.
That CC immunity only comes every minute and you need to predict when to use it properly. You can't activate it when you're already CCed, you know. It's really only useful when an operative or someone is dumb enough to get close enough that you can see him in stealth before he starts his attack. Otherwise, CCs come too unexpectedly to be of any use. I think that, as people tend to do and shouldn't when discussing balance, that you're considering a one on one. Sure, in a 1v1 the sniper will pop his entrench and be in very good shape. In a warzone, though, a CC can come from anywhere at any time.

Now apart from that useful but limited skill, its much harder for a sniper to deal with CCs than other classes. They're very squishy, and very slow. He can't break a stun and use his resilience like a Shadow, run away like a Sage, leap somewhere like a Sentinel, or what have you. The melee classes all tend to have several pretty good CCs - especially Juggernauts/Guardians, so it's very hard for a sniper to safely use his break on any one of them. Yes, its hard on the melee class too if the sniper has his knockbacks and root on cooldown, but if he does not or if the melee gets any support from even one other player, that sniper's day is done.

A good sniper can put up 800 k in a voidstar if he's left alone or has good heals. If he doesn't, he's going to struggle mightily.
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