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No, it's because its INCREDIBLY easy to shut down a sniper. One good melee of any class can do it. Two competant melee of any class can do it. A sorc getting healed can do it. They can be CCed to death unlike any other class.

If left alone, or supported by a good healer and tank, a GS can do a ton of damage. Without that, he is completely useless. For a Sniper to do well, he needs to be babysat by his team. When you get beat by a sniper, it may look like it was him on the scoreboard, but really it was his team that beat you by being well organized and working well together.
CCed to death?lol how is that different from ANY other class?Have you forgot snipers get a 20 second CC immunity?
And all their roots+Aoe abilities,One good melee class,can't beat a lethality or Marksman/engineers sniper in a 1v1,2 might be able to kill the sniper but definately not one.