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I pug.
I see what you did there.
"If you plan to pug" was replaced with "i pug" but also more importantly you are talking about pugging in 2 different meanings "raid leader inviting few pugs to join his group" and "raider joining a group as a pug".

but let's not get stuck to that either.

The main thing is.

It's pretty clear that--no offense--your view of getting groups is pretty narrow.
Well, since it is coming from you I would have to suggest that you should maybe widen your own view about getting groups.

You see:
Not all of us have the option of running with a guild.
This is again something I would consider nonsense.

For now, I'm going to have to say that everyone who plays the game enough to have time to do whole pug raids (and enough time to get geared for it first) has the option to be in a guild and do guild raids too.

Over the years in different mmo forums I have seen many people claiming that they don't have the option to run with a guild, but I have yet to see anyone give any real reason as to why they can't.

They typically give the same excuse as you do.
because for RL reasons I can't raid regularly
Well, if being able to raid regularly was an actual requirement for being in guild and joining some of its guild raids, then you would have a point there, but as a matter of fact it isn't. It maybe a requirement for some of the guilds, but just because there are some guilds that you can't join, does not mean that you can't join a guild. There are countless people who are in guilds and do raids with them irregularly. Some of them do pugs too in addition to that, but there is no reason for them to limit themselves so that pugging becomes their only option.