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mmm Ill give you the speeder point but I dont think the camp boots are really required you can just take rakata boots and mod them out with BH mods.

I mean I certainly agree with you the entire 1 shot mechanic needs to be reworked. Instead of making it one shot the raid that is currently attempting it I think that it should one shot anyone outside the raid. Makes much more sense to me.
That's not how the one shot works. The one shot only happens if you have more than 16 people in the same operations frame. You can actually have two separate Operations groups tag-team him without a problem; however, only the group that engaged him gets the loot (and no, I've never done it that way). That being said, the OP isn't getting one shot - the Imps are just causing wipes by taunting and turning the boss to raid, etc.
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