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Oh my gods

Where do people come up with stuff like that? You're making stuff up and not seeing the full context of all that was said.
For someone complaining about being taken out of context, you sure didn't worry to much about trying to understand where I'm coming from. Where do "people" come up with this stuff? How about "not all people are exactly like you."

1. I don't really "plan to pug". That just does not sound right. Pugging is always the last resort. Sometimes it needs to be done when there is no other choice.
I pug. Period. I'm not interested in joining a guild because for RL reasons I can't raid regularly. This point here is really at the core of your entire... misunderstanding, I guess. If logging in with plans to pug something doesn't make sense to you, I'm not sure we have any common ground.

You could have save d a lot of typing if you had just said, "that doesn't apply to me because I rarely pug" or something. Honestly, dude, if you don't understand something, instead of throwing a hissy fit, stop and think for two seconds.
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