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Oh my gods
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That's certainly the raid leader's prerogative, but I think it's a poor choice. Tanks are hard enough to come by already--by only taking tanks who already know the fights you're locking new tanks out of the system. If you know that a number of your pugs are new to the place and you don't want more than two or three newbies, I can understand that. I don't think telling tanks they need to roll an alt, level to 50, gear up, and learn the fights as a healer or dps is a very good strategy long-term if you plan to pug.
Where do people come up with stuff like that? You're making stuff up and not seeing the full context of all that was said.

1. I don't really "plan to pug". That just does not sound right. Pugging is always the last resort. Sometimes it needs to be done when there is no other choice.

2. Tanks are not hard to come by. I see quite a large number of tanks spamming LFG EC every day.

3. I'm not locking any "new" tanks out. They can join guilds and work their way into guild groups (preferably, if it is up to me, by showing their skills by doing some other content first before getting into Denova)

4. Who is telling tanks to reroll dps or healer and learn the fights before going in as a tank? Where do you even come up with this kind of nonsense?
I for one would suggest anyone who wants to tank to go in and learn the fights for the first time as a tank, but I would also suggest they are better off doing that in a guild group.
And for the record, I have been in Denova with many other tanks and at least 5 of them were doing Denova (or at least some part of it) for the first time in their life when they were in the same group with me as tanks, and I had no objection to any of that, because for the most part, I had seen them in action in other operations and knew how well they performed.
(Of course it is the same story for myself. I went in for the first time to learn the fights as a tank, but the other team members trusted me to be able to do it, because they had seen me do other content).

I have no objection for taking first timers to tank Denova, but in the highly unlikely event that I had to pug a player who I have never seen before, then especially for a tank I would only take someone who actually has done it before (and done it before as a tank, not with some dps alt).

I always set higher requirements for pugs than for people I have played with together enough to know and trust their skills.